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New Year, New Website

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Hello! Thank you for stopping by to have a gander at my revamped website.

There is way too much content on here. I know, I know. But to edit out a section, would be to cut off a limb, a branch of my musical tree so to speak. I've been so lucky to live in various places and experience different cultures over the past ten odd years. However, this multi-national upbringing has led to equally varied musical adventures. Life is all at once immensely rich and something of a muddle. Am I British? Am I South African? Am I a jazz vocalist? Or am I a singer-songwriter swimming in a sea of 7th chords? Maybe it doesn't matter to which box I belong. It would certainly make life simpler (mine and any marketing folk who have to deal with me!) but it might also make my tree of life less green, branches less intertwined in unusual shapes and forms.

I hope you find something you enjoying listening to or watching while having your daily cuppa. And thank you for stopping by.

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